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All of our workshops are specifically created to utilize art and design as a creative gateway to more structured concepts like science, math, technology, and engineering. You can find suggested age levels and STEAM connections for each workshop listed underneath with the following index.

You can download a our latest Community workshop guide book here:



This is the art of making prints which combines paper engineering with color theory and imaging techniques. Kids will see cereal boxes in a whole new light (no pun intended). Plus, students make thier own print making process with an image they draw and reproduce for family and friends.


Sketching and Ideas.


Having an idea is one thing. Communicating it to the world is another. This workshop aims to give students the simple tools they need to not only express their ideas and concepts, but to also refine and iterate on those ideas, as well as clearly articulate them to viewers through images.


Simple instructions.

They are not just for Swedish furniture anymore. Students learn to communicate complex ideas simply through the universal language of images. Taking a common everyday action and breaking down into simple, easy to replicate steps, just as you would coding a program.


Introduction to Robots.


Beep bo bop. Program robots to go through mazes, complete tasks, and more. Learn how they work, how to code them, and how to make them make dinner. Just kidding - or are we?


The INCREDIBLY complicated simple machine.

This workshop combines engineering, creativity, and teamwork. The students create a complicated process to complete a very simple task (A game of Mouse Trap anyone?). Students work together to imagine, plan, build, and demonstrate a complex machine that can do one simple task.


Pop up books.


Pop-up books combine the power of images with the impact of paper engineering to tell stories in new ways. Students learn storytelling principles and then, take an original story idea from concept to a fully-realized 3D story page. Meant for students aged 8 plus, this course introduce students to not only the creative side of publishing, but also how books are made.


Paper Circuits.

Create an electrical circuit using paper to make the paper come alive. Learn about electricity, wiring, battery, LED lights, and more in a safe environment. Students go home with their paper circuit to wow family and friends. Make a robot with eyes that light up or an interactive tree. The possibilities are endless.