Dear Parents,

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Hi! My name is Shane Madden. I’m a husband, father, a professional illustrator and someone who is kind of obsessed with tech.

Steam Power Kids came to be after I taught art to a few of my daughter’s 1st grade and kindergarten classes. The kids loved it, the teachers loved it, and quiet frankly, I loved it. I started teaching other STEM + Art (Steam) classes at my daughter’s school in Roncesvalles and Steam Power Kids was born.

The world is changing fast. We can see it in how our kids use technology and how we use technology. My goal is to help get our kids ready for the future while having fun with art and design. Summer camp is about fun, but to me, it’s also about using the time to help them learn some new skills that will better set them up for the future. That’s my goal in teaching to my kids – and to yours.

Let me give you a quick background on myself. I’ve been a professional illustrator since I graduated from Sheridan College as the valedictorian of my Technical Illustration program. I went on to work as a professional illustrator and concept artist for video games, films, the publishing industry and some corporate clients around the world. I also taught illustration at Niagara College for a few years.

But as you might know, becoming a dad changes everything. My free time spent drawing is now free time shuttling kids to swim lessons. My new fan base is a swarm of kids on the playground and it’s super fun.  

So I found a super big fun space for summer camp where kids can run around, do different experiments with art and tech, test hypothesis and grow academically and socially. In the school year, we’ll do in-school workshops and after school programs.

- Shane