Paper Circuits

Paper Circuits


Create an electrical circuit using paper to make the paper come alive. Learn about electricity, wiring, battery, LED lights, and more in a safe environment. Students go home with their paper circuit to wow family and friends. Make a robot with eyes that light up or an interactive tree. The possibilities are endless.

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Purpose and Objective

To introduce students to how a simple electronic circuits function and their many uses. Students learn to practice safety when using electricity. Students will also learn about how you can use simple circuits to interact with technology through interactive demonstrations. This workshop allows students to learn about electricity in a fun and safe way.

Teacher Instruction

Instructors will discuss with the class, using demonstrations and other materials, the following topics and how they relate to electronic circuits:

  • How the flow of electrons flow through a circuit

  • Safety when using electricity

  • How we can use circuits to interact with technology

  • The difference between conductors and insulators

  • How to create a simple electronic circuit - Step by step instructions to complete the project

Student Activity

Students will be lead through the process of exploring a few types of circuits, as well as creating one, from start to finish, through the following steps.

  • Creating their own image or paper model that incorporates a circuit

  • Add a power source and lights

  • Create a simple switch to turn it on and off

  • Add paper “wires” to connect all the pieces and allow the electricity to flow when turned on.


All students will take home their functioning circuits. They will also have a better understand about how electricity works.