Pop-up Books

Pop-up Books



Pop-up books combine the power of images with the impact of paper engineering to tell stories in new ways. Students learn storytelling principles and then, take an original story idea from concept to a fully-realized 3D story page. Meant for students aged 8 plus, this course introduce students to not only the creative side of publishing, but also how books are made.

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Purpose and Objective

To introduce students to Engineering through paper in a fun and interactive way. Students will utilize principles of math and engineering, mixed with storytelling and design to create functional pop up book pages. These pages convey a clear story through exciting presentation.

Student Activity

Students will be lead through the process of exploring a few types of Pop up mechanics, as well as creating pages, from start to finish, through the following steps.

  • How to employ clear Story telling through an interactive image

  • Creating 2 different styles of pop-ups that can me modified or combined to create limitless possibilities.


All students will take home their very own pop-up pages. They will also have a better understand about engineering with paper and how to mocking up their future projects.