Who we are

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Shane Madden Founder and Lead Instructor

A life long educator, one of Shane's first jobs was teaching art workshops and exposing young students to the joy of art.  Trained as a technical illustrator, he has spent his career creating art over 400 published covers for books, for games, and magazines, including New York Times bestsellers. Having spent years honing his craft, Shane has always looked for new ways to combine his love of technology and passion for art. Whether creating online tutorials, mentoring young artists starting out or teaching college  students, Shane has always found ways to pass his knowledge along to anyone looking to learn.

Now having  kids of his own, his passion for educating has come full circle. Shane created STEAM POWER KIDS to give back the knowledge he's gained, inspire kids to explore their world and how it works, express themselves through their own creations, and most important of all.... have fun!



"Mr. Shane Madden is a wonderful art teacher! He recently worked in my Grade 1 classroom and taught several lessons which focused on different kinds of lines and shapes. His love for children and his passion for the arts are evident from the moment he begins his art lessons. My students absolutely adored him. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I look forward to working with him again in the near future."

Melissa Pavesi

Grade 1 Teacher from St. Vincent De Paul Catholic School