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STEAM in your classroom


Our School Workshops

All of our workshops are specifically created to utilize art and design as a creative gateway to more structured concepts like science, math, technology and engineering. You can find suggested grade levels and STEAM connections for each workshop listed underneath with the following index.


Lines, shapes, and solids, oh my!

This workshop is meant to start from the basics. Perfect for younger students, this workshop strives to teach all of the basic building blocks you can use to create any image. Starting from a single line, students are led through a series of lessons that allow them to create images that leap off the page. 


Idea generation, visualization, and sketching


Having an idea is one thing, getting it out and communicated to the world  is another. This workshop aims to give students simple tools necessary to not only express their ideas and concepts, but also refine and iterate on those ideas, as well as clearly articulate them to viewers through images.


Simple instructions

They are not just for Swedish furniture anymore. Students will learn to communicate complex ideas simply through the universal language of images. Taking a common everyday action and breaking down into simple, easy to replicate steps, just as you would coding a program.


Introduction to Robots


Meant for older students, this workshop teaches the foundations and tools that you can use to draw anything in three dimensions. Utilizing an approach that takes more from sculpture than it does drawing, students will start from the basics and build up to being able to take any object, break it down into basic shapes and express it through drawings.


Iconography & Typography

We are surrounded by symbols and type everyday of our lives. From logos, to signs to the buttons on your TV remote, symbols and type are everywhere. This workshop will teach students the basics of graphic design and how to use not only different typefaces and fonts, but also creating and using icons to create universal messages.


Costumes and Prop Making


Every day can be Halloween! Learn the behind the scenes of movie magic and learn to create costumes or props from your favorite super hero or video game. This innovative work shop combines multiple disciplines such as sewing, wiring and sculpting.

*must be booked in a block of at least 3 workshops.


2D video Game art

Do your kids talk a lot about games? Do they ever dream of making one? Well in this workshop students will be led through the creation process of video game art and create characters and environments, just like the ones they play!   


Light and colour


Light and colour go hand-in-hand and can be a magical thing to play with. This workshop strives to teach students new ways to think about how light and colour both react and interact with each other. They will learn how colour can be used to express everything from mood to information.


The INCREDIBLY complicated simple machine

This workshop combines engineering, creativity, and especially teamwork to create a complicated process to complete a very simple task. Students work together to imagine, plan, build, and demonstrate a complex machine that can do one simple task. 


Pop up books


Combining the power of images with the impact of paper engineering, students will learn story telling principles as well as taking a project from original idea to fully realised and dynamic story page. Meant for older students, this course will introduce students to not only the creative side of publishing but also how books are made.


Introduction to 3D modeling


In this workshop students will learn to simplify tasks and be able to represent them, and how they move in three dimensional space. Utilizing concepts used in both traditional and computer animation, students will learn to explore and express concepts such as speed, weight, direction and mood using primative shapes.


Paper Circuits


Make your creations come to life. In this electrifying workshop, kids learn to combine their are with really simple electronics to interact with their creations, and make them come alive!